May Market Comment
May Market Comment

With the current lockdown and most of the world in quarantine, our daily lives and routines have changed dramatically in many ways. For the vast majority of people, to an unrecognisable extent. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we all interact and the way companies work, if it‘s even possible for them to do any business at all, for many industries and sectors this is not the case.

Extreme circumstances often breed extreme solutions and the property market seems to be no different. In a world of ever-increasing connectivity and ever more integration, we have now been forced to separate ourselves. The property market has quickly evolved and adapted to this new landscape and has embraced the concept of online viewings.

Making videos of our properties has allowed us to keep working hard for our landlords and give them access to tenants who, for obvious reasons, cannot physically attend the property to view. For those tenants who are still desperate to move and secure their next home during this period, of which we are finding there are numerous cases, our video viewings give a 365 degree walk through of any property allowing our tenants to select a property with 100% confidence they have all the information they require.

Of course, this would never replace the conventional face to face viewings that gives everyone a feeling of security and personal relationship which is so important in any tenancy transaction. Hence why, here at Landstones, we can’t wait to show you our properties in person again!

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