Our favourite spots in Notting Hill
Kensington park road london

Notting Hill, London is famous across the world. Perhaps due to the romantic comedy, Notting Hill, but also because of the things to do, things to do and the recognisable, Stucco-fronted houses on every road.

Here are the spots we recommend you have a look at when you’re in town.

Portobello Road Market

This is a treasure trove of antiques, oddities and pretty much anything you can imagine. Lining Portobello Road, this is a world-famous market you don’t want to miss out on.

The Churchill Arms

This is one of London’s most famous pubs. And yes, it really does have a £25,000 yearly flower budget. It’s really something to behold and the perfect photo opportunity.

The blue door from “Notting Hill”

The widely-known blue door from the movie, Notting Hill is the second door on Westbourne Park Road, number 280.

Lancaster Road

If you’re in need of a photo spot or just fancy basking in a rainbow, Lancaster Road is for you. You’ll no doubt have seen this road online before, it’s simply beautiful.

Grab a coffee

Our favourite coffee spots in Notting Hill are Sally Clarke and Hermanos. And we visit daily.

Street food market

Tucked away at the top of Portobello Road, Acklam Village Market offers cuisines from across the world.

Electric Cinema

For the cinematic experience, head to Electric Cinema. Or more specifically, one of their double beds, preferably with a nice blanket to huddle under.

The Distillery

The Distillery boasts three boutique bedrooms overlooking Portobello Road. This hotel also offers two bars, The Resting Room, and a cocktail spot, The Malt Floor.

Notting Hill Carnival

Every August bank holiday, the streets of Notting Hill are flooded with a remarkable dancing parade and people really go all out on the costumes.

What are your favourite spots in Notting Hill?

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